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A wiki dedicated to choir and music looking at a high school level studies for those in Grade 8 to Grade 12. Some of the theory here can be applied to both choir and band classes. Check the menus along the top, Communities, Features, Categories List & Staff to learn more about the wiki and where things are. Also try out our customized Infobox Profile Template.

About the Wiki

Here we'll give a few tips & tricks for how to sing better, play instruments better and other music theory related to both choir & concert band & jazz band. Check our Content Needed page for more details on what we're needing to make the site grow. We welcome your input. Feel free to join us in our chat. Also make sure you use the Facebook likes if you like what's typed. :)

What We Hope To Do

The wiki will have a lot of things on here. We're going to provide theory to learn from, get into discussions on how we think even the popular groups can improve a little, and get into a few games & competitions online for fun. I truly would appreciate your input into how to do things and you can leave a message on my talk page and I'll look into adding or changing as needed. We also have the wiki chat where we can discuss stuff and have FUN, yet presently it's disabled temporarily.


I am in urgent need of help editing a few wiki ideas. I'm working on adding the definitions to photos, looking for other examples and more. If you can help me, please find me in the wiki chat.


Over the next few months I'll be adding comments about various songs done in Glee and how they can be improved on. As I start watching other TV series similar to Glee I'll add them as well, unfortunately, some are all on DVD now which means having to find a box set and not all series are available in Canada. So, seeing that we have Glee on Global TV and Fox HD here in Canada, I'll talk about them first. FAME is another series that I have to look for. Check out our Glee Decathlon.


I hereby issue a challenge to ALL members and current chat moderators. See here for details.

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