What Instruments Do You Play?Edit


Here's a chance for people to list their multitude of instruments they play. It doesn't have to be something you play on a regular basis, it could just be a list of instruments you do know how to play. Pictured to the right here is my tenor saxophone, my favourite instrument.

My ListEdit

I presently play and own a large assortment of instruments. Those with a * at the end of the instrument is one I own.

  • Soprano, alto, tenor*, baritone saxophones
  • Acoustic*, electric*, bass* guitars
  • B flat, A flat, bass clarinet
  • Trumpet*, trombone, baritone, tuba
  • Percussion, drum set*
  • upright piano*, grand piano, midi keyboard*
  • Lute, mandolin, banjo
  • Recorder

Post your instruments in a comment below.