Back in Australia

I don't want to get into extreme details because it's rather harsh for me to relive and is an open case so I can't really discuss it lots.

October 6th my boyfriend was killed in a nasty car accident, his friend's car had the brakes fail or something and the two of them... sorry I can't even type it. :'( 2 days later I went to my doctors office because I was still throwing up when I thought it was just the flu like the rest of us. Instead of having the flu, I found out I was 3 months pregnant. The moment my mom heard that, she went crazy. I've been slapped twice leaving a bruise and yelled at several times. My mom was demanding I get an abortion, yet because the baby is all I have left of my boyfriend, I want to keep it.

Doc - A Cousin to the Rescue

I texted my cousin DocMD to tell her what was going on. Between her, family, lawyers and more they were able to find ways to protect me and get me out of my mom's reach. Instead of going into foster care, I moved to join my Canadian family with my aunt, cousins and more family there for support.


Now, I'm in Canada. I don't know what lies ahead of me. All I know is I want a happy & healthy baby. I might take the school year off and take the time to be a mom instead of rushing into a whole new education system. Only time will tell.

I miss Matthew, my boyfriend. :'(

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