Musical ParametersEdit

What makes a performance musical?Edit

  1. Correct notes and rhythms (70%) (sometimes the max. level achieved by junior bands or bands that are in small communities).
  2. Quality of sound - rich and warm
  3. Dynamics - volume of sound
  4. Tempo being constant and not fluctuating unless it's a tempo change
  5. Intonation - in tune to A 440hz
  6. Articulation - tonguing - attacking the note
  7. Attacks and releases
  8. Phrasing - breathing techniques
  9. Balance - between the sections
  10. Blend - within the sections

It's harder to play soft due to large band and it takes more air support, makes the sound go flat.

  1. 's 2-10 make up 30% of the marks used by adjudicators. This 30% is hard to get unless practiced.
  • Adjusting tuning
  • listening to yourself and others around you
  • adjusting your embouchure
  • adjusting your instrument - longer = flat, shorter = sharp