Wiki PolicyEdit

  • No bashing of ANY type, especially related to discrimination. Those posting hateful comments in a comment or talk page as well as in the wiki chat will be banned. This is an everyone is equal wiki, we don't discriminate on race, sex, orientation, religion or anything related.
  • When posting new pages, if it is not your original work, please make a source reference to the original author, plagerism will not be tolerated.
  • Hateful comments saying "This sucks, you suck, get a life, etc" will result in a ban, let's keep it clean and honest without the hate.
  • Photos - if not your own, state the source. If it's an old photo you can't remember the source of, mention that in the description.
  • Gossip will not be tolerated. Issues from other wikis also don't belong in chat or on the wiki.
  • Bypassing bans by using a new account will result in both accounts being wiki banned.
  • If you're banned from other wikis, don't come here to discuss the bans, it will result in a wiki ban here too and a report to wikia.

Wiki ChatEdit

The above applies to the wiki chat as well. Let's try and keep things clean. As for content of the chat. I can be music related, choir related or just general chatting. The big no-no's will be no porn links, keep it PG-13 as we do have people as young as 13 who may register and if you get too many complaints against you and it falls within the above rules, the California State Laws & Terms of use, you will find yourself banned.

Wiki StaffEdit

Present Wiki Staff

  • DocMD - Founder & Bureaucrat & Chat Moderator
  • Michelle 87 - Bureaucrat
  • Staff List

If you want to be on the wiki staff, be active, be polite and show me you can handle it. Because of personal experience from another site I worked on years ago, those 16 and up will be considered for chat moderators and those 18 and up will be considered for admins, some exceptions may apply at DocMD's discretion. At present I'll add admins as we get busier and as need for admins increase. A couple of the above mods will get priority depending on skills.

Please note, these rules could change, it is up to the users to check for updates, we'll give you directions should it be needed.